1.Eating every couple hours does not increase body metabolism.

Contrary to popular belief, eating small meals every couple hours does not increase your body’s metabolism. This myth originated from the fact that your body uses some calories to digest the food itself, and therefore eating every so often would probably use more calories. Numerous studies conducted prove that the overall calories spent are the same. It is important to just make sure you count your calories every meal and stick to your diet plan for the day.

2.Fasted cardio will not improve fast loss.

Fasted cardio refers to cardio done on an empty stomach. There are no proven results which point to fasted cardio helping burning fat. It is ideal to have a small pre-work out snack before your daily cardio so as to have some expendable calories ready!

3.Drinking a shake after a training session not necessary.

Do not confuse this with hydration. Drinking lots of water with electrolytes is ideal to help your body. But a shake whether protein or not are still calories! It is true that consuming protein 30 – 60 mins after your workout with help in muscle recovery, but that does not have to be a drink! You get enough protein through your daily food.

4.Green tea does not burn fat.

It’s healthy and all but the amount of antioxidants present in green tea is just not enough to burn any fat. It does not improve fat oxidation either.

5.Restricting carbs at night helps fat loss.

It’s important to count your calories and are sure you are sticking to your fitness plan. This myth originated from supposed logic that carbs are more likely to be stored as fat during your sleep. This isn’t true, even though it’s inadvisable to consume the bulk of your carbs for dinner.

6.Supplements do not aid your fitness progress.

You do not need supplements of any sort to boost your progress. It is important to keep in mind that nothing in the market can substitute a healthy diet and fresh food! There is little evidence of them working even though they have risen to be a billion dollar industry. Avoid taking pills of any sort(like green tea pills) which can contribute to liver damage.

We will never run out of myths on fitness and fat loss. Keeping an eye out for facts before accepting anything through word of mouth is very important.

It is essential to speak to your fitness coach and draw up a plan for your diet which includes everyday food. There is an entire industry out there to skew our idea of healthy food. Keeping an open mind is essential, but not a the cost of our health. Protein is protein whether it comes in the form of your chicken or your protein powder. Falling for false advertising will not help your fitness goals, therefore run everything by your fitness coach!

Have a happy and healthy week ahead!


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